Current hours of operation:  

Beer Garden - Wednesday - Sunday 4 - 8 pm

Pizza Kitchen - Friday - Sunday 4 - 8 pm 

Wednesday and Thursday: - Kelly's Kitchen - delectable tacos, Katsu chicken sandwiches, cupcakes and more!  

We respectfully ask that you wear a mask at DRB any time you are not at a table.  The State of Colorado is now a mask mandate state, and by helping us respect these orders, you are helping DRB to survive these difficult times.  We’ll have a mask for you if you are in need of one.    

Thanks for understanding, thanks for playing along, and thanks for being part of DRB, whether we know your name, birthday and kids names, or if this is your first time with us.  We can’t do this without you.


DOLORES RIVER BREWERY - 100 S 4TH ST. - 970-882-HOPS (4677)